Business Intelligence Solutions

Inspirisys'–Schedulable-Multichannel-Automated-Report-Transmission (iSMART) tool is a business intelligence reporting & distribution tool which collects data from different sources, fills necessary additional info and generate reports automatically and distribute to the targeted users at the enterprise level. It also facilitates to add designed report templates at the frontend.

Our Business Intelligence enabled analytics reporting system provides an appropriate interface to collect existing data from the banks' CBS system. This data is then aggregated at various levels for reporting.

  • Automatically extracts Data from multiple sources & file types and transforms into useful information
  • Identifies and facilitates to enter the additional data
  • Automatically generates comprehensive reports and minimizes the resources and time utilization
  • Improves report generation efficiently by providing ease-of-access to information
  • Guarantees report delivery at various levels across the organization
  • Forecasts business needs by tracking key business indicators business intelligence services, inspirisys business intelligence solutions
  • Provides basic statutory reports for Government needs

Benefits of SMART

  • Scheduled Report distribution
  • Ability to store multiple distribution lists with header details
  • Ability to manage (add, business logic) data at staging level
  • Multi-source, Multi-channel, Multi-lingual, Audit trial, Failure notification
  • File splitter
  • Supports Ad-hoc & canned reporting to a whole organization or to specific user groups
  • MIS & EIS Reporting, Easy access through the web browser
  • Helps end-users to securely access and view reports