Multi-Function Banking Kiosk

Our Multi-function Cash Depository Machine (MFK) is designed and developed for accepting cash & cheque. As it is user-friendly, the customers can operate the machine themselves. This system is designed for 24 hours operation and it takes about an average of 30 to 45 seconds to complete one transaction. It can also be configured to operate online with the Core Banking System of the bank to validate the account number entered by the customer or read by the card reader on inserting the Debit/Credit Card.

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digtal banking kiosk, inspirisys banking kioskTypes of Multi-Function kiosks

General Information Kiosk:

Our Multi-Function Kiosk can be connected to the core banking system, it is used to process and display general account information of an account holder.

Cash Deposit Kiosk:

Our digital kiosks has an Interactive touch screen, a slot for delivering the receipt of the transaction to the customer and slots for inserting the cash and cheque. It accepts a maximum of 35 to 40 currency notes in the bulk cash identification system. Also, it identifies and rejects fake, tore, mutated, soiled or folded currency notes. The payment details are transferred to the Core Banking System of the bank through LAN. The Data is updated to the Core Banking system on a real-time basis or as a batch data upload at the end of the day as decided by the bank. Our digital kiosks can also generate various MIS Reports such as Cash Collection Report, Summary report, etc.