Robotic Process Automation Solutions

ISL automates repetitive voluminous jobs across the systems without the need for backend integration, enabling faster changes without downtime, improves accuracy with an increase in productivity.

We help financial institutions to bridge unconnected applications, eliminate manual data entries by capturing existing processes, store and replay it by a BOT. We have 400 man-days of expertise in providing RPA solutions and services.

Our solutions are technology agnostic and can work across systems including non-electronic formats with faster TAT due to zero backend integrations, helping cost optimization by reducing manual efforts and scalable to add more processes.

RPA, robotic process automation solutionsOur Offerings:

  • Attended Execution
  • Unattended Execution 
  • Concurrent Job Execution 
  • Automatic Session Management 
  • High-Density Deployment
  • Stop Service on Tray Quit 
  • Single Machine-Multi-User Deployment type of services

Technologies we use:

Automation Anywhere, ISL RPA solutions     UiPath, ISL RPA solutions